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New Year, New You by Edwin Taylor, MD

So what is the answer to our botched resolutions and lack of will power? Making good habits. And although it seems easier to break good habits than bad ones, it is not impossible. You can make healthy choices right now and keep them with you throughout the upcoming year and those to come.

Dr. Vipin Kuriachan, Ophthalmologist Joins Medical and Surgical Clinic of Irving

Dr. Vipin Kuriachan, M.D., Opthalmologist joins Medical and Surgical Clinic of Irving practice. Dr. Kuriachan is excited to join the practice and is currently accepting new patients. Dr. Kuriachan brings his skills as an Ophthalmologist and an eagerness to improve his community with a focus on educating and offering his patients all options, including medications, laser procedures, and/or surgery. Dr. Kuriachan is passionate about educating his patients.

Nathan Emerson, MD, FACS Joins Surgical Group of North Texas

Dr. Emerson has a special interest in endoscopic reflux surgery; he is specially trained to perform transoral incisionless fundoplication (TIF), an innovative procedure that restores the body’s natural protection against esophageal reflux. Many patients suffer from heartburn and regurgitation despite adequate medical therapies. The TIF operation is an effective and safe procedure with minimal complication rates for those patients with difficulty controlling the symptoms of reflux.

Does Your Practice Have a Brand?

Every practice needs a brand that aligns with the look and feel of the office and the patient experience.  The brand should be professional, …

Shahid Shafi, M.D. Presented Five Star Spirit Award

Dr. Shahid Shafi of Surgical Group of North Texas wins Five Star Spirit Award from Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine. The award was created because as a health care organization, Baylor’s customers and colleagues expect them to provide safe, quality, compassionate heath care.

Be Sweet to Your Heart

Treat yourself this month by taking the time to learn about your cardiovascular risk and start a new habit that is sweet for your heart.